1. Careers: The Board Game (eBay, £10-25)

If the careers adviser you have in mind hasn’t already got a copy of the classic board game from the 1950s-1970s, then this festive season it’s up to you to put that right.

Warning: Playing this on Christmas Day instead of Trivial Pursuit will become mandatory. Any comments emanating from your careers adviser musing on the relevance or otherwise of the game to contemporary guidance practice will need to be discouraged by instant removal of all Quality Street within reach.

2. ‘Job’: The Poster (Amazon, £4.99 + £2.99 shipping)

Originally the Art Nouveau image for the ‘Job’ cigarette paper brand, this iconic advertising image was designed by Alfonse Mucha in 1896. For your careers adviser it is ideal office decoration. If it is hung above your bed you may need to have a conversation about ‘life-space roles’.

3. Cool Careers (Amazon, £6.74)

Careers advisers are often asked by the more whimsical client to simply suggest some ‘cool careers’ . This book can be used to bat the client in the direction of Prospects Planner, as well as being an interesting read in its own right.

4. Here’s to the crazy ones… (Etsy, £9.18 +£2.62 shipping)

Your careers adviser will have seen a lot of clients this last year, many with similar queries questioning the world around them. For majority, we know that we might never hear of the resolution. But every so often there’ll be one who comes in with the determination to change it. And they’re quite exciting to keep an eye out for.

5. Savage Chickens (Amazon, £6.89) and PhD Comics: Life is Tough and Then You Graduate (Amazon, £8.09)

Those of us on Twitter will know Savage Chickens and PhD Comics well, and have spent a year in gratitude when their well placed strips on the worlds of work and academia (respectively) brighten up our timelines. The books are lovely too and ever so slightly less anti-social than Twitter on Christmas Day. According to my other half.

6. Alain de Botton, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work (Amazon, £6.59)

I like Alain De Botton. His School of Life (again, Twitter) often contains pithy perspective on what can become a fairly fish-eye lens that we take on the world of work. I read his book on travel and now if I’m stuck at Didcot Parkway for 45 minutes I can use the time consider the emotive power of a liminal space. Which is lovely. Actually, I’m a bit scared to read this book – thinking this deeply can slow you down in term-time…

7. Advice Guru T-Shirt (Amazon, £13.99 – £17.99)

Your careers adviser will know that it’s not about being a ‘guru’ at all – it’s about client’s taking their own control, developing sustainable career-research skills, feeling independent learners in the world of work…

But you’re not to know that. So buy them a T-shirt that makes them feel like a careers god.

8. Arggghhhh necklace (Tatty Devine, £45)

If you’re buying gifts for your careers adviser, there’s a danger it can be all a bit work-orientated for a holiday. Prevent this by buying a necklace that there is no way in a million years they could ever wear to a careers guidance appointment. This is my favourite.  It’s a testament to how much I like it that I’m even thinking whether it could be viewed as demonstrating empathy by a client with some frustration to vent.  But the temptation to leave it on for the client who’s had 18 appointments in the last week to look at the same initial line of a personal statement would probably be too great.

9. The Adventures of Johnny Bunko (Amazon, £6.74)

Everyone needs role models (Cochran and others… according to my A5 page summarising career development theories), even careers advisers.  This manga comic features Diana, the ultimate role model in the form of a magical careers adviser-nymph. She has pointy ears and is magic.

10. Toblerone (Ocado, £1.20)

Toblerone is incredibly pertinent to careers advisers due to some incredibly advanced and complicated careers theories you probably wouldn’t have heard of if you’re not a careers adviser. You should actually buy it weekly, technically.

More ideas for Christmas gifts? Add them in a comment! Careers advisers cannot be under-bought-for.