I love my job, precisely because I learn so much every day that I didn’t know before.

Here’s the summary for this week:

  • The Stage gives pretty good advice to aspirant actors
  • Early graduate underemployment in the first job might linger.
  • Arup International Development have a pretty awesome competition with Engineers Without Borders
  • There a loads of empty Facebook pages for both the Engineering Council and BCS, but none at all for Prospects.
  • There are bosses out there that really don’t understand LinkedIn (not mine!)
  • Ombudsmen are neither statutory bodies nor charities, and so not exempt from National Minimum Wage
  • Kiwi flavour biscuits are odd, yet strangely addictive
  • Controversial questions sometimes don’t get as much attention as you’d think(!)
  • You can use =LEN(A1) on Excel to count the number of characters in cell A1. Perfect for checking twitterability…
  • www.researchprofessional.com contains a handy database of postgrad/postdoc funding, but can only be accessed on a university server
  • Strengths-based assessments are being considered by more recruiters, and are NOT the same as competency assessments
  • actuaries.org.uk contains a really handy database of internships, and advice on taking the Financial Maths exam as a taster course