Yesterday was the 1 day classroom session for my distance learning module ‘Career Development Theories’ (I’m doing the AGCAS-Warwick postgraduate course).  It was a fantastic day of stepping back and exploring how theories can be used to evaluate our own practice (here’s a quick summary of the theories we’re using).

One of Phil McCash’s excellent exercises is to use videos of people talking about their careers as ‘case studies’ to examine in light of theory. We used for this, and I thought I’d bring together on one page the videos considered against each theory to share this. I found it a great way to practice deeper listening and consideration of theory, particularly following discussion with colleagues afterwards. Given that, feel free to comment with ideas and I’ll share ours too…

In light of John Holland’s Personality Type

In light of Donald Super and life course development

In light of Bill Law’s community interaction theory

In light of Krumboltz’s learning theory of career development

In light of Cochran and Savickas’s narrative perspectives