I love my job, not least because I amass snippets of information and then get to roll them into a nice blog post. Here’s what I learnt this week:

  • If data is in SPSS and you need it in Excel you can turn that mess of binary into something sensible by ‘Save As’-ing as an Excel file, and ticking the ‘use value labels’ box.
  • VLOOKUPs impress more people than you’d think (should I do a how to post? EDIT: I did!)
  • You can publish a whole article about a new government-backed internship scheme without mentioning its name (apparently)
  • Tweetdeck has, in ‘settings’ a ‘show follower count’ check box that’s pretty useful
  • Tweetdeck desktop does not sync with your phone
  • Lots of links for budding performance poets
  • http://www.xtranormal.com/is a free tool to make text into an instant animation (through which I also learnt about quantitative easing!)
  • Five really interesting approaches to careers theory for women