Here’s the information snippets I’ve pasted into my mental scrapbook in ‘what I’ve learnt this week’:

  • What the visually stunning Mandelbrot set is – thanks to an informative Maths student’s screensaver!
  • All about Google+ and how it could be used in HE, thanks to this excellent presentation
  • The fantastic job site for engineers in the EU:
  • is the arts magazine everyone (including collectors) reads
  • If you’re an artist in a group show, generally galleries don’t pay your expenses to attend…
  • … unless you’re installing a piece, in which case you could negotiate expenses.
  • If you’re an artist, a ‘consignment of work’ is how long a gallery gets to keep your work after a show
  • Doing a solo show at a commercial gallery you’re seen as ‘belonging’ to them
  • Civil Service Fast Stream is having a second round for some numerical routes
  • Far too much about daleks.