Heading back from the Tate on a coach this weekend, I found myself listening to a podcast of Alain de Botton on Radio 4’s Points of View. Alain argued that art was underused. Gallery labels focus our attention on the artist’s oeuvre, or medium, or place in a canon, but art can and perhaps should, be used to ‘teach us how to live’.  (iTunes Podcast– 28-1-11, and text here)

Alain leaves his essay with a challenge to curators, but in curating our own guidance space, surely there’s an idea here for us too? If art can prompt a deeper consideration how we conduct ourselves, perhaps office prints should go beyond the misappropriation of Mucha’s Job?

With this in mind, here’s 6 art prints that might do more to ‘help us[both advisers and clients] to live’:


Peter Blake - The First Real Target (1961)
Martin Creed - Work No. 232: the whole world + the work = the whole world (2000)
Charles Harris - Mary Louise Harris wearing a long tweed suit with polka dot blouse posed next to car on Mulford Street, Homewood (1930-39)
Rudy Burkhardt - Man In Pinstriped Suit And Magazine Rack, New York City (1939)
Amy Rice - You Can Go Your Own Way (2011) - for sale on Etsy
Edward Ruscha - Country Cityscapes (2001)