The bite-sized pieces of information I’ve been snacking on this week:

  • Most careers advisers (from an email collation of responses by Dr John Dean at  South Bank) agree that older applicants should still include dates on CVs, citing transparency and openness as outweighing any potential discrimination.
  • In curatorial work for contemporary galleries, Masters courses do increasingly seem to be a valuable CV addition
  • Anecdotal feedback from students suggests that job boards with a ‘willing to sponsor Tier 2 visa’ field would be incredibly welcome
  • Feeling like ‘I’m helping science!’ through crowdsourced interactive tasks (e.g. can lead to burnt risotto

And lots about teaching:

  • Literacy and numeracy tests will become an entry requirement for teacher training in 2013 (with the ICT test scrapped entirely)
  • “School Direct” will be a new route for school centred initial teacher training from 2012/3, with schools able to bid for places for trainees from December. They advertise through the TDA or through their own channels. Information on “School Direct” is limited, but reference is made to it on the TDA pages for students
  • GTP (Graduate Teacher Programme) routes are likely to become more focused on high quality career changers according to this
  • Prospective teachers of maths, chemistry, physics and MFL now have access to the TDA’s Premier Plus service, with more support and experiences available
  • The first distance-learning teacher training has been accredited at Hibernia College
  • Studio schools exist now for 14 years+