This week I’m giving Careers talks at the Russell Group Teachers’ Conference.

I thought it might be useful to share downloadable copies of the activity and website resource sheet that I’ve developed for the task…

Assessment Centre activity (5 minutes+)

Aim: To illustrate the reality of soft skill assessment at graduate job level

Uses the AGCAS At the Assessment Centre video which many HEI careers services will have a streaming licence for through AGCAS (note: not available outside university licence networks). Set the ‘Group work’ section at 2:55 before introducing the task and helping to identify the participants. Play until 4:20 before breaking to hear observations from the group. Continue until 6:09, where upon the activity can be extended further, each time pausing before assessors give their wash up comments to hear comments from the group.

Open the .pdf copy of the Assessment Centre interactive exercise handout

Useful resource handout

Open the .pdf copy of  Useful Careers Websites Handout (pre-university)

I’m very aware that this list is by its nature a reductive one, but if anyone feels I’ve missed of a fantastic pre-university resource, do comment and let me know.  If you find these tools useful, feel free to download and try them out – and if there’s any questions, do get in touch!