AGCAS South West Regional Training Group

Thanks to Mark Turnbull at Oxford Brookes for his presentation yesterday on social media strategy – open it up by clicking here.

The take-home points that really resonated with me were around a consideration of the limitation inherent in an iron-clad strategy. With technology and users necessarily developing all the time, to what degree do hard-and-fast goals/aims/targets blinker us to other possibilities; possibilities we haven’t thought of yet, as well as possibilities that haven’t been invented…

The analogy can be see with the success of the Real Time WWII Twitter account – if Alwyn Collinson had simply used Twitter’s instruction to answer the question ‘what’s happening’ in the given present tense, the opportunity to achieve such signficant engagement might never have happened.

On the other hand practical guidelines are always a good idea (and those in Mark’s presentation are easily adopted) – and perhaps these, an entrepreneurial spirit and…

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