I was recently asked to give some tips on starting a service LinkedIn group for an AGCAS training event – this is something I’d just done for Oxford.  My little 10 minute video is below plus 2 paragraphs of overview. I hope you find it useful!

We set up our LinkedIn group following student feedback showing that after Facebook and YouTube (which we already have a presence on) LinkedIn was rated third most useful social tool. We’d been promoting LinkedIn as a ‘Good Thing To Do’ for a number of years, and although we’d had a few students try to add advisers as contacts, hadn’t done anything else.  We also didn’t have a forum on our website, and were aware of an increasing number of common enquiries, and hoped that an open LinkedIn group would help to showcase a source of organically generated and searchable answers….

I manage the LinkedIn group, and devote 5 minutes at the start of each day to approving requests to join, glancing at any new comments for appropriateness and so on.  It’s not been too much of a strain on my time at all – and as only approved members can join and post, requires much less spam control than Facebook!  Three quick tips:

  • The LinkedIn group URL is long and number. Use bit.ly to create a short form (which defaults to a Linkd.In, cleverly): ours is http://linkd.in/OxfordCareers – much easier to use this to promote
  • Involve as many advisers as possible – the value of having them to comment on and start discussions is invaluable
  • Use the LinkedIn Help Centre pages – they’re very useful indeed – it’s here I learnt how to set up more than one email extension to me on my list of ‘do not need to be manually approved’ – cutting lots of time

I hope this is useful – comment or tweet to @CareersLucy and let me know!