Careers Adviser/Counsellor job swap with the University of Oxford, UK

Very excitingly, our Director has supported the idea of me doing a 2/3 month job swap with a counterpart in the USA.

We’ve recently undertaken a similar swap between one of my colleagues here and the Director of Careers at McGill University and found the experience beneficial, giving both the chance to:

  • Learn from and contribute to best practice
  • Explore different approaches to careers work
  • Improve knowledge of an overseas job market
  • Improve awareness of expectations and needs of overseas students

In our first job swap, the two advisers simply took each others’ place at the service, as well as swapping apartments/houses and cars. The exchange stretched over the spring term, which seems to be a good time.

Ideally I’d look to swap with a professional at a similarly research-intensive US university, working with similarly high performing students.  A little more about me is available at

I’m trying to get the word out to any career advisers/counsellors who might be interested, so I’d be grateful if people forward this blog post to potential swappers!  If anyone is keen to explore this, do check with your management first, and then if it appears feasible, send us an ‘expression of interest’ letter, copying in your line manager, by 30th August 2012 to

If anyone’s not up for a job swap, or not in the USA, but works as a careers professional, I’m hoping to gather more contacts overseas who would be willing to have termly Skype chats to share LMI and tips for their regions. Drop me an email and get in touch!