Lots of people ask me what careers advisers do when the students leave for the summer. Do we frolic in meadows? Lazily stroll through empty university buildings? Write novellas in peaceful air-conditioned offices?

Somewhere, I’m sure, there’s a careers adviser frolicking, but here in Oxford it’s LMI time. (That’s Labour Market Information, acroymn fans).  We’re spending summer planning for next year, and updating our knowledge and resources – things like Oxford’s Career Briefings. It’s not quite a novella, but still…

For some careers advisers, the summer involves exciting days spent with other advisers learning about a company’s shiny new graduate scheme at their well-catered headquarters.

But for those of us who cover the charity and arts sectors, that tends not to happen so much!  There’s relatively few swanky graduate schemes with catering budgets, and so we tend not to meet and share information that often.

So I thought it might be a good chance to try out a virtual information sharing meeting using a Google+ hangout (like Skype, but with more people, and free!)…

If any advisers cover these sectors and would like to get together to try this out, just fill in these Doodles to show when might be a good time, and I’ll be in touch with instructions. It’s also a good chance to explore Google+ and enhance your knowledge of this relative newcomer to social media.

SIGN UP – Careers adviser LMI sharing for the charity sector

SIGN UP – Careers adviser LMI sharing for the arts sector

I’m happy to host more than one, and will make sure to blog the information for those that can’t attend. If people would rather type thoughts and links to share information, feel free to comment below with your input! And if no-one’s interested at all, that’s ok. (Sniff – I’ll let out the feelings of rejection in my novell-…. ah.)