Thanks to all the careers professionals who helped support my Google+ experimentation this summer!
(A review of the  Google+ Hangout feature and its pros and cons is a separate post.)
Last Friday our first truly successful Google+ hangout (the others unfortunately largely devoted to ironing out technical issues).  Thanks to Lloyd Williams from University of Wales, Newport, Anne Delauzun from The Careers Group, University of London, Neville Kemp from UCA and Suzanne Ball from University of Hertfordshire who joined in.

As promised, some notes on resources shared, for those who couldn’t be there:

We all commented that the results of our LMI research were largely publicly available in our student-facing resources webpages. Lots of resources I mentioned are listed in Oxford’s PDF Careers Briefing (pictured left, and available on our web pages).

Newport have excellent factsheets in a similar style for this sector: look at Film and Animation for searchable databases of production companies.

Careers Tagged, from The Careers Group, has lots of useful resources.

Skillset Produce a LMI PDF for the Creative Sector – currently dated January 2011.

University of the Arts London’s Creative CV competition is a great source of inspiration.

UCA’s Creative CV guide is a go-to library resource for us.

YouTube Video CV – Graeme Anthony’s linked ‘CVIV’ was mentioned. Inspiring (but intimidating for those starting out?). Key to point out the credits listing the help he received. Watch the intro and then click ‘Skills’ for the full production experience.

Creative Graduates, Creative Futures Study  is a longitudinal study of the early careers of more than 3,500 creative graduates, undertaken between 2008 and 2010.

Welsh Government Labour Market Intelligence Report  – a project with HEI Careers Services on general LMI

Nesta’s Creative Economy resources – including their ‘Creative Clusters’ map (pictured right)

DEPICT is an interesting new employability project aimed at this audience – new project that I saw on twitter last week

Go Wales Freelancer Academy – free one week course for Welsh students and returners looking to set up as self-employed

BAFTA (yep, the awards!) do surprisingly good careers advice pages.

The ‘Perform’ Show (March, London) is aimed at those looking for careers in performing arts, arts management, theatre tech etc.
Feel free to comment to add more!