So, I’ve only been here just over a week (!) but I was asked to present today on some key observations of differences and shared challenges between careers services here and Oxford/UK.  The document below (click to download) was designed for US careers directors, but rest assured that over the next few months I will do a reverse version (following comments on my previous post – thank you!), with more detail behind the broader brushstrokes on US and Berkeley practice I’ve used here.
Image of US: UK comparison document
For now, it’d be great to get feedback on:

  • Whether you think I’ve represented the UK correctly!
  • Areas of difference or shared challenge you’re particularly interested in
  • Any areas that you feel I’ve overlooked!

As the differences include paper size (no A4 here – it’s US ‘Letter’ size), this might print oddly, but hopefully not! Let me know if you need a PDF, fellow Brits…!