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What’s that image in the background?

Ah, that’s my bike. In fact, that’s my bright flamingo pink three-speed, hub gear, old-fashioned sit-up-and-beg bike. I really like it.

My flamingo pink three speed bike (next to the cycle path outside the Oxford Careers Service)

This image of my daftly-coloured bike, reminds me of lots of things that I find helpful to consider from time to time.

I think about when bought it, and how useful it was to have some of its key features in mind to aid the shopping process (which reminds me of thinking about careers using DOTS). I think about how I didn’t expect a bright pink one to exist (for adults!), and the joy of a little planned happenstance. And I think about my anticipation of social feedback; wondering whether it was ‘professional enough?’.

Being real person, complete with daft taste in bikes, in a professional role is what Carl Rogers would call ‘genuineness’. I don’t think ‘professional’ and ‘genuine’ are mutually exclusive. The area of social influence and feedback is one I’m really interested in, both personally and academically.

Lastly, I like the image of the bike, sitting back from the busy traffic. It reminds me of the Headspace animation about ‘Effort’ in mindfulness meditation, and I hope it’ll be a nudge towards this idea of clarity and awareness before I start to write.